Just Potholes
Just Potholes was launched to assist South Africans that are faced with the challenge of travelling on poor quality roads and could be a victim of pothole damage. Just Potholes is a unique service designed specifically to assist you in claiming the money that you had to spend on the replacing or repairing cost of rims, and tyres should they be damaged as a result of hitting a pothole on our roads.

What Just Potholes provides you with :

Relief: Most South Africans don't know where to start with this process, therefore we will make sure you don't have to deal with the hassle and inconvenience of long queues, and admin nightmares.We will assist with the end to end process.

Recoveries: We will assist you with trying to recover the money you have spent due to the damages caused.

Representation: You will have access to our panel of experts and admin staff for complete legal and administration support.

The service includes:
A) Management of the claims process with the relevant road authorities to get the maximum payout for the costs incurred.

B) Efficient and reliable service, Sense of urgency with ensuring that the road does get repaired appropriately.

C) Assistance with exclusive discounts on tyre replacements.

Just potholes

Pothole brigade

Pothole Brigade
Potholes have become a daily reality for many motorists and often people don't know who to contact or what to do in order to have these fixed. In most instances, even though we may travel these roads every day, twice a day, we turn a blind eye and hope that it will get fixed soon. Why not rather be the type of person that shows initiative, instead of hoping that someone else will do it. National Accident Advice Helpline would like to bridge the gap between our motorists and authorities in reporting and ensuring that our roads are maintained in good quality, we refuse to give up this fight.

We are therefore calling on South Africans to report potholes so we can get the ball rolling on having these repaired. Although we are very much aware that we cannot expect 100% change and commitment from these authorities,we are focused and determined enough to know that persistence might show some change.

Report Potholes
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