Just 3rd Party
Just 3rd Party is a unique service that assists our clients in recovering the money they would have to spend on either repairing/replacing their vehicle after an accident which was not their fault or being injured by the hands of a negligent party, examples: Slip and Fall injuries, Dog bites, Train accidents etc.

This product has been created for the people of South Africa as a means of assistance to remove the hassle and fuss that the client would normally go through when trying to recover the money from the 3rd Party directly or the 3rd parties insurance company.

What Just 3rd Party provides you with:

Free legal representation.

Free administration and claims management.

Maximum payout.

Maximum claimed amount from any third party.

In so doing we make sure that your claim gets handled in the most efficient way possible by making sure that you receive maximum compensation in the shortest time period possible, taking away the inconvenience and expenses you would normally incur by trying to lodge your own claim.

The service includes:
A) Full telephonic assistance.

B) All legal reports and assessments.

C) Case management of claims.

D) All administration required for the presentation of a "bona fide" (valid) claim as determined and arranged by Just 3rd Party.

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